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||UNLOCK|| Hashimoto Yukimi by Mehitsuji ||UNLOCK|| Hashimoto Yukimi by Mehitsuji


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>Name: Hashimoto Yukimi

>Nickname: Yu

>Age: 15

>Gender:  Female

>Birthday: 12/3

>Height/Weight:  168 cm ♦ 59kg

>Year: 15

>Nationality:  Japanese

>Roommate/Housemate: Matsuo Rie 

>Club: Photography (President) ( Pls join shes all alone)

♦ Colorful- Shes very open and lively and gets interested in things easily. Most of the pictures she takes for the photography club are of rainbows or colorful birds and plants she finds too! 
♦ Loyal- Once you are her friend, she will stand by your side and help you through lifes hardships time after time. Even if you and her get into it a little bit, she wouldnt ever want to lose a friend so she will talk it out. She always does her best to make sure people feel safe around her.
♦ Blunt - She's a nice person, but she won't sugar coat things. She wants you to know whats up even if it is a bad thing
♦ Sweet- Yukimi is one of those people that will tell you not to kill a bug because 'it has feelings too'. If you are down she will try and perk you up by giving you motivation and hugs and such. She's compassionate, caring, soft spoken and warm hearted towards others.
♦ Oblivious- Even though she loves meeting new people, it's hard for her to understand them sometimes. She can be really clueless at sometimes with other people and even school. 
♦ Balanced- Yukimi is normally chilled out. She's very talkative, but she tends to be like that in a soft manner. She always tries to keep the environment around her in balance and equilibrium.
♦ Extrovert- Yukimi loves meeting new people! She will talk to you if she gets the chance. Shes outgoing and participates in school events as much as possible.
♦ Stubborn- She has her own ideas about things and it's hard for her to change them. Don't try and change her mind because she's not going to unless you sit her down and give a speech that's at least 10 minutes in length.

♦ Making friends
♦ Flowers
♦ Spring 
♦ Sewing
♦ Rain
♦ Chamomile Tea
♦ Maid Cafes
♦ Baby seals
♦ The beach
♦ Otome games, thanks Chi
♦ Playing with her sister

♦ Cold weather
♦ Autumn
♦ Being alone
♦ Sports
♦ Scary movies/stories
♦ Garden snakes
♦ Moles
♦ Fake Flowers (unless its for accessories, that's fine)
♦ People being upset with her 

Yukimi was born into a rather wealthy family, because of this her dad was usually off on business or other things pertaining to his work. But, she wasnt alone and had an good, normal life. Her mom always spent the whole day with her from waking her up in the morning, to tucking her in at night. It wasnt only her mom who lived with her, but her maid and butler who looked after her and her home (which was big, but not overly big as her parents knew they didn't really need the extra room). They both got along with her very much, helped her learn how to do some things and got her hooked on chamomile tea. 

 Obviously her mother didn't go everywhere with her, she started school when she was 5 and always made an effort to be smart. She found herself making a lot of friends and loving being around others. School was her second favorite place to be, she liked waking up early in the morning and spending time to help better herself for the future. 
Every spring, when her dad was able to get off of work, Yukimi and her parents would plant an oak tree in their large back yard. Her mom and her also planted some flowers around it (without her dad, who couldn't because his knees weren't that good). She always loved doing that. 

After two times of them doing that she started having her mother take her out to town so she could get different flowers, decorations, soil and vases so she could make bouquets and put them around the house. Though at first, it wasnt that successful because she constantly forgot to water them, she eventually learned to do it all on her own. Her father even brought home some flowers from other places in the world to her and she would stay up all night just deciding where to put it. Due to her school life though she usually brought some bouquets with her to pretty up her room.

When she was 12, her mom had another baby girl. Yukimi was ecstatic and always spent time with her and played with her cuddled with her and loved her.

When her sister turned three, Yukimi gave her some flowers she had arranged to be colorful and pretty, something any girl of her age would like. Though, because her sister was a toddler, she decided to play with the flowers and put one in her mouth causing her to go into anaphylactic shock. Yukimi's mother took her to an emergency room automatically, leaving Yukimi at home scared to death of what might happen. 

Luckily, her sister survived. But the event left Yukimi in debate with herself. She loved flowers but if they hurt her sister like that and she couldn't do anything with her sister and flowers both, then she didn't know if she wanted to take care of flowers at all. One day, before going back to school before the next break, she woke up bright and early like normal and found an egg in her bed. She wondered what it meant and was obviously confused but had no time to worry, and just hoped it would help her with her problems. She packed it with a small handkerchief into her bag. It was the first time she didn't tell her mother about something that was troubling her. 

>Quote:  "Every rose has its thorns!"


  ❥ Her and Daichi are pretty much married. It's 100% Canon.
  ❥ She thinks Rei is seriously so cute, she wants to adopt her. 

>Voice: Saori Hayami 
♦ Tends to nickname people sunshine a lot
♦ Loves to splash in puddles
♦ Loves making tea, she has her own cabinet in her kitchen stocked full of tea. 
♦ Cant go to bed without a cup of tea
♦ Loves having people over to her house
♦ Loves big hats
♦ Left-handed
♦ Gets freckles a little in the spring and summer because shes outside like 99% of the time
♦  Has a pretty good upper body strength from carrying a bunch of stuff in and out of her garden
♦ She has a habit of playing with her hair a lot
♦ Her favorite food is Fruit snacks 
♦ She's allergic to peanuts
♦ Convinced her mom to name her sister Hanako because flowers are great
♦ shell bash ye fookin hed in i swer on me mum  
♦ Has to call her Mom and sister and Dad everyday or she'll probably be super super sad.
♦ Is a lot less happy in the fall-winter because dying things
♦ She hates halloween because of fall and scary things, but she goes trick or treating with her sister anyways (if they even do that in japan what)
♦ Hates pants, she only wears pants like once a year
♦ Does she have her own greenhouse??? maybe
♦ Gets very red cheeks/knees/shoulders in the winter. Her nose looks like a pointy tomato.


>Name:  Sakiko 

>Gender: Self explanatory

>Would be Self: A lot like the person she already is! She wants to be a lady like, soft, caring, sweet character. She wants to plant flowers everywhere and is more artistic with things. She does what she pleases as long as it is beneficial to her and others.

>Personality: Like her would be self. Lady like, calm, caring, and colorful.

+ Flowers
+ Nice people
+ Tea
+ Colors
+ Pottery
- Mean people
- Winter
- Black and White/monochromatic color schemes
- Sunburns
>Quote: "Let yourself to blossom, sunshine."
- Can poof watering cans in and out
- 99% of the time shes drinking tea
- Can be a tough competetor
- Actually, loves getting dirty
- She doesn't like any form of physical contact,
- She has a very strong dislike for Daichi's Chara Taiki
-  exhibit a 

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